Frequently Asked Questions


BULL W GLASS is an extremely thin and durable premium glass protection created to help protect your device’s screen.

How does BULL W GLASS work?

BULL W GLASS acts as a shield for your device’s display, protecting it against scratches and possible shattering, while mainting its quality and responsiveness.

Is BULL W GLASS unbreakable?

In order to properly absorb stronger direct impacts while keeping your device’s display intact, BULL W GLASS might break. This is by no means an engineering error, but physics in action.

You don’t have to worry about shatters though: every BULL W GLASS comes with a special film that will keep you safe even under extreme conditions.

We also offer a Premium Replacement Lifetime Warranty to quickly replace any damaged protective glass units.

Does BULL W GLASS make my device's display unbreakable?

BULL W GLASS was created to protect your device’s display from direct impact and sharp objects.

Unfortunately we are all too familiar with devices falling in a wide variety of angles, causing structural damage that only a protective glass cannot prevent. For this very reason, we always recommend pairing BULL W GLASS with a protective case, such as our very own BULL W CASE or the beautiful GATCHE.

Is BULL W GLASS easy to remove?

Yes. BULL W GLASS works with an advanced suction system, making it not only easy to install, but also to remove.

Start lifting the protective glass from a corner and gently continue the motion until you reach the other side. Be careful not to bend the glass too much as it might break.

Does BULL W GLASS interfere with my device's screen quality?

Every BULL W GLASS was designed to be as invisible as possible while protecting your device’s display.

Special observations:

  • Mirror Edition: In very bright environments we recommend increasing your display’s brightness in order to fully show through our mirror effect.
  • Privacy Edition: This edition was designed to prevent other people from seeing your screen’s contents. For such, full visibility is only possible at a straight angle.

Where can I purchase BULL W GLASS?

Check out our Store Locations in Florida, USA, or visit our Online Store.

Online store

Can I get my replacement at the online store?

Yes, you can. Contact us at and request a replacement code. Don’t forget to send us proof of purchase and inform the desired model and style.

I have a coupon. Can I use it at other stores?

No. The coupon you get can only be used at You won’t be able to use it at our kiosks either.

I saw an offer at the kiosk. Will it be available online?

No. Our offers run independently at each of our locations, unless we decide otherwise during special occasions.

Got more questions? Contact us at any time.